Saturday, 17 January 2015

"Perception is a tool that is pointed at both ends"

It could be said that the price we pay for sight is seeing. For highly sensitive, intuitive or psychic people it can be difficult to interact with a world in which we can see all that lies behind the social masks of others. Although there is always an energy exchange that is occurring “behind the scenes”, a great deal of human interaction occurs mask to mask. The “Hey how you doing?  Love your shoes!” kind of mindless chit-chat that often fills the spaces between people. There is of course a time and place for these sorts of superficial exchanges, but what is disturbing is that for many this appears to be as deep as it goes. They look at the social mask and believe that this is who a person is. They behave as if the mask is all there is. They start to feel incredibly uncomfortable when you look past their social masks and attempt to interact with that which lies beyond it.

It is natural and easy for me to see beyond the superficial. What feels incredibly unnatural to me is superficial interaction. I have to fake being fake, which is an awkward and exhausting exercise. I would even go as far on a bad day to describe it as painful. And so for the most part I do what feels most natural to me and respond instead to the energies that lie beneath people’s words and actions. This produces mixed results. Some people find it invasive and disturbing, while others are fascinated and intrigued and sometimes even deeply moved.

The human experience is one of both light and shadow. In our darkest moments we may take comfort in the idea of a loving god, or a guardian angel or a spirit guide who is able to see inside of us and understand our suffering. Perhaps it is not the role of spirit beings to focus upon the shadows, perhaps that power belongs to us. Perhaps perception is not a pointed tool at all, but a torch. Perhaps our role is to shine the light of awareness onto the shadows we can see within others. Whether or not we deem it in the highest interest of ourselves and the other to speak or act on what we are able to see is up to us. But even without words or actions, seeing and understanding and acknowledging the shadows allows the light of awareness to shine on what would otherwise have remained in darkness.

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