Saturday, 17 January 2015

On Being

There was no beginning and there will be no ending. All of the truths of all of the ages lies as a single grain of absolute knowing within the heart of every human being. There are no questions that need to be answered. Even the most banal of questions has the same answer as the most profound of questions. And that is that life is nothing more than an expression of being. Living is an expression of the eternal Beingness of all that is. Every shade, every nuance, every seemingly paradoxical situation or circumstance is merely a subtle variation on the same scale of expression. What is the purpose of this plethora of variations in the experience of being? They serve no purpose other than to experience being. There is nothing you have to do or achieve in this lifetime or any other. Simply being is enough.

Stop looking outside of yourself for some imagined form of fulfillment. Stop trying to effort specific circumstances into your experience. Allow the flow of your life to merge with the flow of the lives of those with whom you share this space and time. Say Yes to what is not harmful. Though in essence you cannot truly be harmed, there are certain things that may cause the illusion of discomfort. You do not need to say Yes to these things, you would be wise to avoid them without resisting them. Simply step away from them if they show up in your experience. But do not allow the fear of discomfort to stop you from showing up and saying Yes to life.

Even the most enlightened masters are not able to avoid the discomfort of unwanted circumstances. Though you are able to influence your energy vibration to some degree, it is not always possible to be on guard all of the time. In fact, the level of impeccable vigilance that is required to maintain a consistently high vibration can in itself create what you call “stress”. And this dis-ease will negatively affect your vibration. See the dichotomy? So just relax and take it in your stride. And know that sometimes your vibration will be higher and sometimes it will be lower. You are doing the best you can. You are not meant to be in perfect alignment all of the time. You are meant to experience contrast. That is why you have incarnated into the physical world. Your higher self would not be served by experiencing no contrast while you are incarnate. So don’t be so hard on yourself, you have done nothing to deserve or warrant any unwanted circumstance. Do not blame yourself and do not blame others. It is simply the contrast of the physical world expressing itself through you and thereby granting you the opportunity to step closer to the knowledge of who you truly are, which is an eternal being that has chosen to experience contrast. Some experiences will feel good and others less so. But each experience is in fact neutral. In other words, there is no good or bad, wanted or unwanted on the scale of experience.

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be gentle to your planet. There is no need to leave your mark. Every shift in your vibration, whether it appears to be felt by millions or seems to go by unnoticed, sends a ripple of realignment out into the Universe. This is a source of immense joy to all that is. The gratitude that is felt toward you is immeasurable.

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