Friday, 23 January 2015

Energy Mastery

I recently attended an event entitled “Energy Mastery”. I will admit I had some reservations about this title. The word “Mastery” draws to my mind images of control and manipulation and suppression. Of reigning in something wild and untamed or in some other concentrated and disciplined way molding an unwanted thing into something more preferable. It is not surprising that in the Western world with its long history of violently forcing it’s selfish will upon our beautiful planet and many of it’s human and non human inhabitants, that one’s mind would be tarnished with an unsavoury connotation of the idea of mastery.

It is also not surprising then that so many of us take this same forceful view of our emotions. Like everything that exists, emotions are energy. There are some who may be interested in learning how to control and manipulate energy in more “supernatural” ways, no doubt fuelled by stories within ancient mythology and modern fiction of beings with the ability to transform and bend the material and non-material world at will. I'm sure that for these people many teachings can be explored that would intrigue and titillate this particular desire. But for most people it would be more beneficial to understand the kind of energy that has the most direct influence on our daily sense of well-being: our emotions. It is observable that many people continue to hold onto the belief that the mastery of our emotions means that we have to learn how to control and manipulate and suppress or completely obliterate any emotions we deem as undesirable. The world is full of examples of how we try to do just that. The devices we carry in our toolboxes to this end are numerous: Medication, distraction, abstraction, psychotherapy, fiction, addiction etc. Anyone out there having much success with any of these?

The reason these methods fail is that they are based on a false premise. And that is the belief that the emotions we perceive as undesirable are unnatural and do not have a place in our experience. What I am suggesting is that all emotions, ALL emotions, are a natural part of the human experience. That part of the reason we chose to incarnate in this space-time reality is to have the opportunity to explore and taste everything that grows in the garden of human emotions. Not so that we can destroy any of the emotional flora we deem as distasteful, but so that we can nurture and grow the seed of awareness and inner spaciousness planted within each of us, into a place that can hold enough light and love and peace and stillness to allow all that we feel to be experienced with gentle compassion and peaceful equanimity. In this way it no longer becomes necessary or even desirable to control our emotions. For when we understand that this inner spaciousness is not only part of us, but the very essence of who we are, then we know that the ebb and flow of human emotions does not have to be manipulated, for it is not and never has been in control of us. We only believed it was. As emotions rise and fall we can smile gently from within an unwavering space of non-judgement and allowing and stillness and quiet joy. We can accept that there will be times when we feel we are being swept away by undesirable emotions. That is okay, for we won’t be gone for too long. We will always be drawn back to the stillness within. When we stop swimming against the current of our emotions we will be carried gently back toward love and light and allowing.


  1. Your writing is wondeful, Zane! Thank you! ♡

  2. As I read this my heart is filled with joy, warmth and love. Big hugs to you, Zane xx

  3. As I read this my heart is filled with joy, warmth and love. Big hugs to you, Zane xx

  4. Nice piece again, my little zen master ;). 'Master' in an ironical way of course... Suppressing emotions by medication, addictions, abstraction etc., all to flee our emotions. I would not consider a psycho-therapist to be a means to suppress or deny my emotions. The last one I visited, actually helped me a lot (by helping me to realize, what my own emotions were trying to tell me). And fiction (in literature) can be very valuable in discovering your true emotions. And: people like to drug themselves, it is a part of the human condition. (Drugged by all kinds of things, as you describe). In the end, we are always caught in our own narrow conception of the world. The challenge is to step outside of this narrow-minded look on the world and ourselves.